Spring is getting closer and new course is being prepared

I just got back from a fun and active trip in Costa Rica and I can feel the spring is getting closer here in Montreal. I can’t wait for some green leaves on the trees and flowers on the ground. Now when I am back I am preparing for another course I will be teaching at the University of Gothenburg during April, namely Organizing for Digital Transformation. The course will be a part of the Digital leadership program .

If you are interested in this program don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

I don’t like waiting…

Waiting for the bus, waiting for an appointment, waiting for reviews of a submitted paper, waiting for an answer… I have a problem with waiting. I know it is good to  be mindful and enjoy the moment while waiting, but all this waiting is energy consuming. If I check thefreedictionary.com (which by the way is a great resource when writing any sort of text), and read the definition of waiting; “the   act  of   staying  in   one   place   or   remaining   inactive  in   expectation  of   something”, I become even more frustrated.  I am an action-kind-of-person. I like dynamic contexts, movement and change. So let’s shake it off and start move!

What wine are you?

Being here in Montreal have given me many interesting opportunities and I am now happy and excited to say that I will be a member of the OZ concept team doing Me Myself And Wine – sessions.  If you want to do a fun and useful exercise with your team or a group within an organization, club or elsewhere, contact me for more information about what it is, how it is done and what benefits comes with it. Cheers to that!

Back in Montreal and doing some handcraft

When too many thoughts are occupying my head, I always do something with my hands. Especially after finishing an article that required a lot of thinking. Preparing for the fall by re-painting one of the rooms. It feels good to do some easy changes in the house and see the result immediately. I believe there has to be balance between thinking with your head and doing with your hands.

Teaching at GU

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a course at the University of Gothenburg this fall. The course will focus on leadership, control and strategies connected to information technology.

Paper accepted!

Finally! Got my conceptual paper accepted. Just waiting to hear from the production staff and do the very last editing before it is PUBLISHED!