Don’t give up

An article I have written together with Prof. Bendik Bygstad is finally being published. We have sent it to conferences and journals and got reject over and over. We still believed in the idea we wanted to present (although I had my doubts several times because of all the rejections…) and continue to submit it. We finally got an accept at a conference and it even got nominated for best paper at the conference to our big surprise. This also meant an invitation to get the paper published in a special issue of Journal of Management Information Systems.   After a couple of rounds of revising and resubmitting improved versions we finally got approval. I don’t have the article yet, but will put it on my publication list as soon as I have it. So, don’t give up if you get a neglect the first time if you believe in your idea – continue and try again.

YES to new beginnings!

Summer is ending and I am soon starting a new job. I am doing my last days at RISE Viktoria this week (after almost 11 years!!!) and next week is my new workplace University of Halmstad 🙂  I will be working as an associate professor within the area of digital service innovation and continue to do interesting research with primarily Volvo Cars.

My head is filled with ideas and thoughts regarding research, teaching, and projects I want to realize and work on in my new role at the university. Can’t wait!

What a wonderful post from MIT Sloan

I totally agree with the MIT Sloan post written by Paul Michelman that we have to help for each other. We, as human beings, are a fantastic platform that can do wonders together. It is important to expand our focus from solely thinking about business and investments to think about how we, as human beings, can help each other and make the world a better place. So go out, be a human and act humane! Empower, help, promote, guide, support, improve, cooperate and make the future bright.

Visiting Copenhagen Business School a sunny day in April

I currently teach at the University of Gothenburg and was lucky to get the opportunity to join my faculty to go to CBS (Copenhagen Business School) and discuss organizational and operational development.  Feeling privileged to listen and discuss with these people that have so much knowledge and experience. I also realize how different the aims and goals are at a university compared to the industry. Interesting indeed!

Mirroring hypothesis

I am currently in my hometown teaching at the university on the Master program named Digital Leadership. It is so exciting to meet the students and listen to them. The older I get the more I understand how little I know and understand of this complex world. Today’s lecture concerns the mirroring hypothesis – an interesting theory that tries to explain the complex relation between organizational structure and technological architecture. If you have nothing better to do, read Colfer and Baldwin’s paper named “The mirroring hypothesis: theory, evidence, and exceptions” in Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol. 0, No. 0, 1–30 published 2016.

Spring is getting closer and new course is being prepared

I just got back from a fun and active trip in Costa Rica and I can feel the spring is getting closer here in Montreal. I can’t wait for some green leaves on the trees and flowers on the ground. Now when I am back I am preparing for another course I will be teaching at the University of Gothenburg during April, namely Organizing for Digital Transformation. The course will be a part of the Digital leadership program .

If you are interested in this program don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

I don’t like waiting…

Waiting for the bus, waiting for an appointment, waiting for reviews of a submitted paper, waiting for an answer… I have a problem with waiting. I know it is good to  be mindful and enjoy the moment while waiting, but all this waiting is energy consuming. If I check (which by the way is a great resource when writing any sort of text), and read the definition of waiting; “the   act  of   staying  in   one   place   or   remaining   inactive  in   expectation  of   something”, I become even more frustrated.  I am an action-kind-of-person. I like dynamic contexts, movement and change. So let’s shake it off and start move!

What wine are you?

Being here in Montreal have given me many interesting opportunities and I am now happy and excited to say that I will be a member of the OZ concept team doing Me Myself And Wine – sessions.  If you want to do a fun and useful exercise with your team or a group within an organization, club or elsewhere, contact me for more information about what it is, how it is done and what benefits comes with it. Cheers to that!

Back in Montreal and doing some handcraft

When too many thoughts are occupying my head, I always do something with my hands. Especially after finishing an article that required a lot of thinking. Preparing for the fall by re-painting one of the rooms. It feels good to do some easy changes in the house and see the result immediately. I believe there has to be balance between thinking with your head and doing with your hands.